Inspiration Incident Management

Incident Management



VALO allows collaboration between users and staff for speedy recovery to incidents.

Easy and Simple to use complaint management system.


  1. Logging incident: Users no longer have to wait long hours before they can call and report an incident. Now user can simply log in Vemessage vPortal and raise a complaint and check statuses.

2. Sign up: “To Sign up” simply select your account type. Enter details to validate your residential address. Once successfully validated, enter your personal details to create an account with an email and a password.

3. Sign in: Securely sign in with your credentials. After sign in you will be directed to the dashboard and easy-to-use interface. Where you can check real-time statuses of your complaints, feedbacks and the latest news from the management.

4. List View: Clicking on any folder will take you to the list view, where you can see the raised complaints the time they were created and the time remaining for the complaints to be resolved.

5. Detail View: Clicking on a complaint will take you to the details section, where you can view complaint details. Feedback can be given on closed complaints.

6. Timeline: Clicking on it gives you complete overview from the time incident was raised and till it was resolved.

7. Chat: Chat screen tab will allow the user to chat directly with the person responsible for the incident.

8. Share incident images: The user can also share images. Management as observers can oversee all communication between users and staff.

Vemessage is a modern innovative commmunication platform. Vemessage provides first channel communication. Vemessage makes it easy to automate and personalize your communication work purpose.

Vemessage vPortal is available to download from the Playstore and from app store.