Vemessage has evolved to support the exploding global growth in B2B, B2C and B2B2C messaging, and the complex use cases that have emerged. Our latest secure communication platform for enterprises showcases our commitment to leading business communication into the future.

Vemessage now supports several large-scale global messaging customer deployments and operates locally in major global regions. Very few business communication providers can rival the progressive techniques, experience, and resources that Vemessage provides.

Vemessage has partnered with some of the world's biggest business MNO sales teams. Our unparalled track record of enabling mobile operators to sell successfully to big and small business has garnered us great success.

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An Online Complaint Management System Provided by Vemessage.

Our Global Capabilities

Few mobile messaging providers can rival the global expertise, stability, and qualities that Vemessage can provide.


With direct connections to global operators as well as extended connectivity through leading global and local-market partners, Vemessage can provide last-mile connectivity to most destinations for global business communication and mobile messaging deployments.

Vemessage's global capabilities are evidenced by several large-scale global messaging deployments in operations.

Vemessage places dedicated regional operations and sales personnel in offices located around the world, and can deliver 24x7x365 premium support.

Vemessage allows you to send text messages securely via its SMS platform.
Create and send emails at lightning fast speeds while tracking their status in real time with Vemessage.
Webform allows you to custom build rich text messages, which you can then send to customers to interact with.

Guaranteed Success with Smart Communication

Vemessage has advanced nimbly through noteworthy changes in the communication industry. As the market evolves even more, Vemessage is bringing cutting-edge evolutionary technology to the table with its advanced features and functions. Vemessage plays to its strengths by providing a seamless transition from text messages and emails to a multi-channel platform that is easily accessible to all.