Cloud Billing

  • Cloud Utility Billing Application

    Cloud based utility billing software for the modern day utility industry.

Cloud Electrical and society Billing Software

Electricity billing has evolved from the days when utilities gathered monthly energy consumption data to produce a paper invoice that they sent to customers via courier.
Vemessage's incredibly innovative electricity billing software has helped revolutionize the way utilities collect and process daily usage and billing data. With standard features including a customer portal optimized for mobile devices, mass notifications & workforce management via mobile app, every tool you need to get the job done comes in one amazingly easy to use platform.

With Vemessage cloud billing Application, you can:

smart phone devices

Receive and store cyclewise readings from smart phone devices.

electrical billing

Utilize peak & off peak demand usage data for electrical billing.

net metering

Monitor energy bought and sold to solar equipped homes with net metering.

push notifications

Allow customers to view their bills through application, setup multiple meters in single device, and receive push notifications.

Management Application

Share payment, billing and consumption data in real time between  service technicians, dispatch and customer service teams via our Vemessage’s complaint Management Application.

Features & Benefits of Our Cloud Billing Software

Flexible Rate Structure

The powerful rate modeling of our cloud billing software allows you to bill any type of rate you desire by setting a tariff manager, including simple, tiered, time of use, demand, seasonal and more.

Customer Portal

Our customer portal and support team will dramatically reduce the work load of your customer support office by giving customers self-help access to usage graphs, online bills & much more.

Mobile Application

Designed specifically for tablet and mobile devices that lets your field service team interact directly with office personnel in real-time. Bill your customers instantly for time and material.

  1. We provide the end-to-end utility management software solution for your industry.
  2. Intuitive workflows designed to maximize workflow efficiency and accuracy.
  3. Dashboards keep all customer information easily accessible.
  4. All information such as transaction history, customer, financial, meter, location and service orders are available in real time throughout the system.
  1. Real time integration with any AMI/AMR system or smart meter system allows readings to be brought into Vemessage cloud billing automatically for billing without any manual intervention.
  2. Automated delinquency management dramatically reduces time spent processing shut offs.
  3. Automatic data backup every 15 minutes.
  4. Fine grained role based user control for security & audit purposes.

Online Support

Our support team is available via phone and email. We love talking to our customers!

Unparalleled Accuracy

Our solutions are intelligent enough to catch when incorrect information is entered. For one customer we discovered over $10,000 in inaccurate billing each month!

Cloud Based

Access Vemessage’s cloud billing software solution anywhere, at any time. In the office. At home. Or on-the-go. You’re always connected. Welcome to the 21st century.

Much More

This is just the tip of the iceberg. We are constantly improving our product to stay ahead of the competition. You’ll be blown away, we promise.